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5 Christmas Looks to Rock in 2022
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We’re only a few days away from Christmas, the trees are set up, and the streets are all decorated. You’re starting to feel the Christmas vibes, aren’t you?

The only thing left is for you to dress up to match the occasion! You’re in the right place to find suggestions for the most fashionable looks to add to your style this Christmas to show off your personality and stay one step ahead of the trends.

Our FLTRD fashion consultants and stylists have chosen for you 5 stylish, modern, sexy and exceptional looks for you to rock this Christmas season.

1. The “Less is More” Look!

Can you keep a little secret? Not all your Christmas outfits need to be red and green!

The point of your Christmas outfits is to look festive and exceptional, the colors are up to you!

Peggy Sweatpants | FLTRD The Label

Don’t be afraid to go back to your sweatpants this Christmas! They’re hip, in style, and they’re easy to be matched with any top.

You can dress them up or down depending on what you match them with!

Try to match them with a white turtle neck and a multi-colored scarf, or even a red one! Your outfit will definitely look effortless and Christmasy at the same time.

And if you want to dress up the pants a little, you can match them with a silver sequin top. The contrast and style mix will absolutely turn heads wherever you go!

2. The “Accessorized with Festive Colors” Look!

For an elevated and pompous-looking Christmas look, one of the styles you can completely strike is simply going with a 1 colored outfit. 

Yes, you read that right; 1 basic color from head to toe! 

Don’t be afraid; wear an all-black outfit, or go for monochromatic whites and beiges.

And to give a sophisticated and vibrant Christmas edge to your outfit, go for a bold green bag!

Foux – Mini Foux – Jello

Complete your ensemble by adding fancy gold earrings that match the red in your bag!

3. The “Low-Key Chic” Look!

If your general style is more toward chic looks, you don’t have to change your aesthetic for the holiday season. 

White chic outfits might seem a little off Christmas, but they definitely suggest a special holiday vibe!

Don’t be afraid to opt for airy and elegant materials, too! Alter the concept of what Christmas outfits have always been about!

With such a fashionable piece, you can either wear black leather pants to get an edgy Christmas look or even match it with its pants to complete your chic holiday outfit!

Finesse Jacket | Israa Samhan

Finesse Pants | Israa Samhan

4. The “Cute and Sexy” Look

We all have the guilty pleasure of wearing cute and sexy at the same time. Nothing feels better than combining these two extremes, right? 

We’ve got you covered! 

For your Christmas dinner, go for an out-of-the-ordinary Christmas look without it having a costume-y feel to it!

Such a look will make you look like you’re in a dreamy wonderland with its the pink color and it contrast with the black bit of the dress! To give your look an even more unique edge, add a pair of long gloves! 

Thank us later!

Puff P Dress | LILO

5. The “Glamorous Trendy” Look

You’ll have all the spotlights on you if you decide to go all glamorous this holiday season! This doesn’t mean that other styles won’t steal the attention (as long as you apply our tips, you’ll always look fashionable), but going all glamorous and voguish will match the Christmas glistening spirit! 

With your extravagant Christmas looks, you can go all the way from luxe blazer dresses, to razzle-dazzle sequin pieces, all the way to romantic satin sets!

Emma – FLTRD The Label

Match this piece with its shiny skirt, and your middle name will automatically change to “Show Stopper”!

Katia – FLTRD The Label

Such a statement set is a beauty on its own, but if you style it with an oversized leather blazer, you’ll look unstoppable!

The Final Piece

If you’re still not sure which style to own this Christmas season, remember that our FTRD stylists offer you the fashion guidance you need! 

Just contact us and we’ll help you choose your outfit to feel like your most confident self this Christmas! 

Stay fashionable! Stay FLTRD!

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