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7 Styling Tips for Men that Will Directly Elevate Your Look from Okay to Stylish
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Are you constantly feeling like there’s more potential for your outfits, but you’re simply not able to tap into it yet?

Your looks are on the brink of looking absolutely stunning, even with the most simple pieces and articles of clothing. What you could really need is just a bit of styling tips.

As you begin a new week, don’t settle for the “okay” looks you were pulling off. Instead, here are 7 styling tips that will unravel your fashionable side!

1. There are more shoe colors than brown and black.

Your first instinct when you’re wearing your shoes and getting ready to hit the road is either to pick your white kicks, black shoes, gray espadrilles or if you feel that the day is a little special, you might even go for your brown boots! 

Unfortunately, if you keep sticking to these traditional options, it’ll be very hard for your outfits to have an edge of individuality.

How about you give red pumps a try? 

Just consider it!

With an all-black smart outfit, let’s say, you can totally rock a bright-colored pair of sneakers. You’ll still look professional, don’t worry. You’ll do it with a lot of style and flair, though! 

In the summer, you should also definitely consider trying on some flats; sandals! 

Yes, you read that right!

They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and most importantly, stylish, stylish, stylish!

2. Denim Jeans Aren’t the Only Bottoms You Can Wear!

Now you can take your time to resist our opinions as much as you want, but if you want to elevate your style in the most subtle ways possible and look like you’ve actually tapped into your style’s potential, you have to give our tips a try! 

Instead of wearing your white shirt with a pair of blue or black jeans, wear beige chinos instead!

It might seem much simpler to just pull on jeans; after all, you’ve been doing it forever. But then again, this is exactly what we’re trying to do here. We want to give your style some fresh edge to them, right?

So, go ahead and wear slacks, chinos, or even shorts. As long as they match your outfit’s overall look and feel, you’ll look smart wearing such unconventional bottoms.

3. Show Off Your Socks!

Now we’re not telling you to wear socks that have an image of Santa Clause on them (although, why not?), but we’re absolutely encouraging you to try to ditch your boring black or white socks.

You can keep it simplistic by matching your sock color to the color of our trousers. This will give your look an aloof feel while still playing it safe and a little classy!

What would completely make your outfit a show-stopper, and even a conversation opener, is if you go for daring-colored socks. 

Striped socks with white sneakers and black chinos? Yes, please! 

Or even consider wearing a funky print on these socks!

Bold? Yes! And absolutely worth giving a shot! 

4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Tucking in Your Shirt or Rolling Up Your Sleeves

A simple twist to your top could be all you need to upgrade your outfit to a 10!

When it’s a day with a “minimalist wardrobe” mood, you could do the bare minimum effort and still give your outfit a lift. 

Go ahead and wear your simple white shirt and black or blue trousers, whether denim or any other material. But don’t call it a day just yet! Enhance your outfit simply by ticking in that shirt!

Another way to make such basic pieces into a head-turning outfit is by rolling your sleeves the way you prefer.

Do you prefer thin, crisp sleeve rolls, or are you going for a more bulky rumpled one?  

How ever way you prefer to elevate your minimalistic outfit, try out different sleeve rolls to give your look a different edge! 

Upon tucking in your shirt and/or rolling your sleeves, you’ll transform your plain look into one that emphasizes your figure and draws attention your way.

5. The New Addition to Your Wardrobe; Accessories! 

Stylish apparel goes beyond just the basic items; pants, tops, and jackets! 

How will you add character and flair to your looks? By adding bold accessories to your outfit. 

Even with the accessories, you can keep it simple. A ring or two, or even a distinctive necklace could do the deal.

Even if you go for the more traditional accessories, such as a watch, they’ll absolutely take your looks from “okay” to “lavish”!

Against popular opinion, a bag, could also totally uplift your look! 

P.S. once you get used to holding a handsome little bag, you won’t go out without it!  

6. Don’t Forget About Your Shades!

Now this won’t exactly go over your other clothing pieces, but it is an absolute game-changer! Sunglasses are the easiest addition to any outfit to automatically give it an upgrade to the “oh, wow” level! 

Even if you prefer to stick to the same pair of sunglasses, they’ll still be able to give your look a different look and feel. 

But if you’re open to experimenting with various sunglasses’ shapes and colors, then you’ll find easier access to the inner fashion icon inside of you.

7. Know Your Measurements. Know Your Style!

No matter which kind of trend you try to pull off or which style you try to try, if you don’t stick to what suits you, your personality, and most importantly, your comfort, you won’t be able to show off your style in confidence. 

That’s why we highly advise you to follow the tips we’ve just given you, but make sure you alter them to match your personal style.

The most important part of knowing your style is knowing your measurements! Get to know your  measurements right here! 

To ensure your outfits always look like the most elevated version, they must fit you well! So go ahead and take up your measurements and make sure to document them somewhere. 

The next time you’re buying any piece, especially now with the booming online shopping phenomenon, go back to these measurements and get items that look completely yours and fit you perfectly!

The Final Piece 

No need to limit your wardrobe to traditional and bland outfits. Boring doesn’t need to be an adjective you relate your wardrobe to! 

Start applying the tips and tricks we just told you about, and watch the spunk and elegance automatically seep into your looks. 

Stay classy, stylish, and unique with FLTRD’s fashion tips! 

Eager for more fashion tips? The FLTRD fashion specialists are here for you! Talk to us whenever you want.

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