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Dress Professional and Special to Work
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There’s no such thing as overdressed if you’re stylish!

What really sets your style apart from everyone else’s and makes it look like it’s totally yours is your ability to access your style in the way you wear your clothes!

Having a remarkable fashion taste branches above your ability to choose handsome pieces only. It is demonstrated through your ability to push the boundaries of this piece and merge it with your creative personality! 

So, don’t be afraid to flaunt your aesthetic, wear your confidence, and mix and match prints that reflect who you are!

If you want to upgrade your work wardrobe to dress like the artistic professional that you are, read on to get 5 tips about how to dress extraordinary, contemporary, original, retro, and vintage-inspired looks!

One: Add That Piece of Accessories!

Even if you wear the most renowned brands, a shirt will still be a shirt whether you wear it, a celebrity wears it, or even the guy next door wears it. But what if you rock a pair of statement sunglasses with it? 

Your whole look will have an aloof factor about it. This will definitely make your entrance to the office memorable! 

And if you want to keep that character in your outfit, beyond just the entrance, you can add a special scarf, a distinct watch, a unique belt, or even a ravishing necklace.

Try not to overdo it, though; one piece of accessories, or a maximum two, is more than enough.

Two: It Starts with You!

We know this isn’t the first tip, but it’s always important to remember that your style is reflected from the inside out. So, wear these incredible outfits, and add those eccentric accessories, but remember that if you try to look like someone else, it won’t really work.

Look into your mirror (or just open your camera in selfie mode). C’mon, do it now. 

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you see yourself and think about your style?

Is it the word “special”? Is it vintage? Confident? Unconventional? Edgy? Whatever the word is, stay true to it. Wear pieces that reflect your aesthetic perception of yourself. And wear them with confidence.

This is the only way you can find unique pieces from your favorite designers and make them your own.

Three: Design and Sew Your Own Pieces.

The fact that you aren’t one to follow trends blindly and want to dress up artistically proves that you have a fashion taste of your own. So, don’t hide it!

You do not need to be a fashion designer to design your own pieces. All you actually need is your idea of a piece and a good tailor.

Do you remember the last time you looked and a clothing item and thought about how you could make it “better”? 

Don’t just think about it. Design it.

Your apparel to work doesn’t need to be the ordinary “professional” clothes we always see. Instead, you can design your own pieces and show your individuality. 

Start now. Go and design your fashion-forward clothes. 

Four: Do Not Fear Bold Colors. Wear Them.

Your fashion taste is far from the “Keep it safe and look okay” kind of style, remember? If you want to score an absolutely show-stopping outfit, go for the bold colors!

The colors we’re talking about are the ones people are afraid to add to their wardrobe because they’re “not corporate” 

Who sets the rules anyway? It doesn’t matter. 

The better you break these useless fashion rules, the more you break into your own remarkable corporate style.

Bright yellow shoes to a meeting, for example? Why not?

Bright green pants with a white blazer? Yes, please!

You won’t look unprofessional if you are styling these daring colors elegantly. Don’t worry this piece of advice is from the FTLRD consultants, and they know a thing or two (or a lot more!) about fashion. 

Five: Wear to Express, Not to Impress

It’s true that your work outfits must be unique and reflect your artistic side(s), but remember to keep a practical aspect to them. You spend a big portion of your day at work, behind your desk, or even on the field, and there’s no shame in prioritizing your comfort in the clothes you wear.

When you put on clothes that don’t fit you right and keep you uncomfortable, you’d risk losing your style and elegance. 

Allow your body to feel at peace with its shape and the materials that make it flow with life. The more you realize your fashion taste, the more you know what you, individualistically, need to shine your light and allow your creativity to visualize itself.

Your outfits are yours; they’re your celebration of life and the reality of every day, so don’t give too much thought to what people will think, and wear what you want.

The Last Piece

Everyone has their own style, but not everyone is brave enough to display it! People are even more afraid to show their unique style at work because they fear not looking professional enough!

But remember, there are no fashion rules that you have to follow blindly because fashion is what you make of it.

So take your work style to the next level, dress like the fashion icon that you are, and wear pieces that show who you are.

And just in case you’ve lost your inspiration, take a look at FLTRD to get a sprinkle of uniqueness again.

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